EVil Eddie Villecco JR:

is the founder and host of the multi time nominated Pure EVil MMA podcast since 2015 and also Host For TUF10/ UFC Ver, James McSweeneys Gloves Off Podcast. Eddie has been doing live on air interviews since he was 7 years old, the first being with Stone Cold Steve Austin and was even on air with Glenn Beck as a kid. A broadcasting graduate from the same school as WWE’s Stephanie McMann, Eddie is now taking the next step in his career trying to build an elite MMA website with daily news, interviews with professional MMA fighters and opinions on the biggest headlines circling the scene.

Simon Shelby is the owner and creator of MMA Online and the Instagram page ufc_news_official which has over 25,000 followers which gets anywhere between 250,000 and 1,000,000 views a month. He has interviewed various UFC fighters including Curtis Blaydes & Don Madge. He has previously written for websites such as WrestleTalk and MMA UK. He is studying Philosophy and is a yellow belt in kickboxing. He currently resides in the UK. He hosts a podcast on his Youtube channel and is looking to expand his brand within the next couple of years to one of the biggest in the MMA scene.

Danielle DeVor: is an avid combat sports fan with a soft spot for MMA. Not only does she write for PureEvilMMA, but she is also the author of various horror and dark fantasy novels. She resides in Morgantown, WV.


Colby Naylor

Fighter out of the Northeast
Former EMT/Firefighter.
Minor in philosophy, pharmacology. S&C expert. Nutritional background.
Avid MMA Junkie and baseball enthusiast.
Been training in martial arts since the age of 8. Multisport Athlete including OCR’s, marathons, powerlifting, mma, baseball, softball and grappling. Hoping to help Eddie and the team take Pure Evil to the next level.