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Have you ever wondered what makes so many people such die hard fans of MMA?

For many outsiders of the sport the immediate answer is obviously the action that takes place during a fight right?

  • A 6 Second Flying Knee KO?
  • An underdogs victory over an undefeated fighter?
  • A stand up fighter submitting a submission specialist?
  • A back and forth action packed fight for the title?
  • The Sh*+ talking that builds hype before a big main event?

Yes all of these scenarios are a big part of why we tune in every week especially if we are trying to show someone the sport for the very first time.

But is that all? Or is there something that lies much deeper within a fighter that keeps us coming back?

For me I began watching MMA back in highschool when BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Tito Ortiz, Tim Sylvia and Randy Couture were the big stars of the time. Other than renting the original UFC events from the early 90’s with my old man on the weekends, I didn’t really appreciate anything about the sport other than how a fight was finished.

Until my life fell into a dark place after I graduated where I was having to fight off the grips of an awful addiction and deal with the deaths of my best friends and girlfriend, I found myself looking deeper into what really made this sport the best on the planet!

It was only when I saw threw the bright lights of my idols when I realized that these athletes were no different than you or I! They all rested their heads on a pillow at night, they all had their own problems at home or had deep issues going on in their lives. And somehow they had to stay calm cool and collected before stepping into the ring where they had another man (at the time there were no woman) across the cage who was trying to pound their head into the canvas or choke them unconscious!

That alone is respectable, let alone the layers of real life issues that have been weighing them down. This shows us that these are just ordinary men no different than you or I who have learned the importance of self discipline. Anyone out there who is Battling depression, addiction or a recent breakup knows how hard it can be to get out of bed some days so when you hear first hand how a fighter was dealing with the loss of a step daughter or their child lying sick in a hospital before their fight it opens another door and level of appreciation for this sport!

Each and every fighter has issues going on that reflects on their performances either for better or worse!

Here are some of the best examples of fighters who have or are still dealing with difficult times that will help you really appreciate who they are and what they must or have overcome!

1) Ian Edward Heinisch

One of the most recent stories coming out of the MMA scene that has been inspiring fans is the real life underdog tale of Ian Heinisch.

For anyone out there that is reading this and has not yet heard about Ian’s story, this is one of the most relatable to this new generation of fans who have found themselves facing jail time.



The MMA Community

Depending on who you ask weather it’s a fighter, promoter or fan, you’ll seem to always get a mixed answer about the MMA Community over the years. From the Underground to Twitter and Facebook MMA fans make themselves at home on every platform and have NEVER had an issue expressing their opinion.

Yet for me I seriously consider the MMA Community unlike any other sports scene!

They are very passionate and even at times (WELL….most of the time) very overly protective of the sport and staying loyal to its rich and learn as we grow roots.

The MMA community houses a very wide verity of people from ALL OVER THE PLANET who love getting together week after week after a long busy day of work, family or battling hard times in life to unite by using social media throughout each event! There is NEVER a dull moment even when there are NO EVENTS for a week or two they will always find something to rave about or magnify out of proportion just to get a good laugh sometimes at another’s expense.

That’s what it is for me atleast! After a rough week I always have looked forward to making my predictions and conversations with tons of fans over on #MMATwitter where you feel like you have a family you never even met before! Doesn’t matter the age, how long they been watching for, there is always a spark of excitement EVEN when there is an underwhelming card that weekend.

This has helped me and many others wake up every day with excitement almost reminiscent of a childhood Xmas morning especially when there is a giant blockbuster fight that we have been counting down for. It’s wild how many people Iv met over the many years that you would never know have so much in common with you outside of MMA.

There is also the DARK SIDE of the MMA Fan Scene!

Also known as trolls! These accounts LOVE stirring up drama, looking for reactions from other fans and mostly the fighters!

Years ago the former UFC Champion Rashad Evens spoke about how these trolls effected his performances and mental state to the point where he admitted making fake accounts to respond in defense.

We see this happen a lot now where the fans actually seem to have a say in how a fighters career plays out especially when it comes to matchmaking! It’s actually pretty scary if your a fighter coming off a bad performance or made ANY sort of mistake inside and even out of the cage.

Most recently we saw the rise and possibly the fall of the young up and comer “SUGA” Sean O’Malley after his most recent loss via TKO stoppage due to an foot/ leg injury. However right before this it seemed as if he had the world in his hands and could potentially be the next big star! It also didn’t help how he responded to fans after the loss where it seemed he was making excuses and saying he still considers himself as undefeated.


If you are new to the sport i really suggest using twitter and engaging with some of the MMA groups / families on there. Here are a few hashtag groups you can check out on twitter that will usually accept any passionate fan with open arms…sometimes…



And you can even use #PureEVilMMA if you would like to meet some of the other supporters of the brand.


What are some of the reasons you love MMA?

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