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World of Mixed Martial Arts 5: Game Review

Boom! A huge flying knee lands knocking out its target cold.

The fight ends with a devastating upset and now you have a new standout athlete on your roster. Can you grow them into a star and increase the popularity of your promotion?

World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 is a sports management text simulation released in March of 2018 by developer Adam Ryland of Grey Dog Software. The fifth installation of the series, WMMA5 doesn’t have all the glam of traditional popular gaming releases. Instead, they’ve focused on creating an accurate simulation experience running your own MMA organization in an evolving game world.

The website boasts over 380 additions and modifications in this latest installment. This includes several features meant to lower clicks and streamline what is most exciting about the game; the characters, the matchmaking & the fight simulation itself. This is a huge improvement from WMMA 3, which I first played the demo of years ago before discovering for a great price on Steam.

A list of updates included in WMMA5, including details on updates within the fight engine

Without being in the forefront of popular gaming, sport text simulations first made waves with the standout of the genre so far to date: Championship Manager/Football Manager published by Sports Interactive.

Football Manager LOGO

Games like WMMA are not only fun and intriguing for die-hard fans, they can also lend inspiration and insight into aspects that should be adopted by popular gaming titles like the UFC series. Forums for the game include discussions based around what facets of the game would best serve Electronic Arts’ next installation of the UFC game.

The learning curve is sort of steep compared to most popular games. At first, one can easily be overwhelmed by all the features to take advantage of. It can make progress slow. However, within a few hours of playing I had figured out all the important tips and tricks.

Do you build up fighters by crushing cans? Do you invest in names outside your organization or grow and promote within? No matter what your strategy, you better keep the promotion running in the green or you could get your walking papers.

The finance page: Who loves budgeting!? Stay out of the red or you could be looking for a new job!

The main drawing point is the fight simulator, and without having to get into manager mode you can just set up some quick fights and get right to the action. Whichever context you’re using the sim in, you can choose to click through moment by moment or set it to automatic, set your speed and watch the action unfold.

Every few seconds of fight time is represented by a sim action
Got ‘Em! The underdog wins!

If you want to take the managerial route and experience the full game, you’ll appreciate all the additional details available to explore and utilize. 

WMMA5 has a huge amount of customization options. Essentially, you could strip the game down to it’s engine and recreate all the companies, characters and a ton more. There’s even a real-world mod created by the fan base. Finally, you can put together those classic match-ups we never got the chance to see in real life.

I love creating characters and decided to jump in and try it out. At first I tried to add my own photos to the database to no avail. Instead, I went through the stock images and found a guy that had a Bruce Wayne vibe. I mean, look at that jawline!

Customization goes beyond just looks though, with a detailed editor that even includes options to add personality and performance traits. Want your fighter to be a super charismatic counter striker that has a tendency to come back strong in later rounds? You can do that and so much more.

Upcoming match-up screen: I created Wayne as a world class kickboxer

It’s fun to create your fighter and plan a way to turn him into a star within your organization. To help with that and more, there’s tons of features that help promote your fights, fighters and organization. You can even put on a Ultimate Fighter style show that will boost the popularity of coaches and outstanding performers.

There’s an odd aspect of replayability that really helps sell WMMA5 as worth the $40 price tag. The demo is available to play through a few weeks of game time but with a huge aspect of gameplay being making decisions with the long game in mind, it doesn’t seem to be long enough to really get a feel for the game.

At least go in, put on a few fights and check out the fight sim mechanics. Even better, jump in the editor, create a beast of a fighter and watch them take the heads off a few unsuspecting victims while demo time allows it. 

Buy the full game in order to continue growing your creation towards becoming the greatest ever. Or, get the real world mod and take over Dana White’s role: Either way your work would certainly be cut out for you.


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