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Khabib Vs Ferguson Cancelled?

Things aren’t looking too good for UFC 249. Khabib Nurmagomedov announced that he’s stuck in Russia and can’t get a flight back to the US. Russia went on a border crossing lockdown to fight Covid-19, and Khabib is currently in his hometown of Dagestan.

This will make the fifth time Khabib vs Ferguson has fallen through. Call it what you will, that’s kind of an epic fact in and of itself. It’s like something does not want this fight to happen.

Dana White was hell bent on keeping this event on the calendar, even though this event was doomed from the start.

Khabib had flown to the UAE thinking that was where the fight was going to happen so he could prepare, but then they closed their borders. The UFC had told him that they were 99% sure that is where the fight was going to take place. But, as soon as they landed, they learned that the borders were closing, so Khabib had no choice but to return to Russia since that is where he is from.

According to Khabib, the UFC plans on moving forward with the event without him. Which is surprising since Khabib vs. Ferguson was the big draw. Now, Dana White and company are scrambling for a decent opponent for Ferguson.

Will UFC 249 happen? At this point all we can do is watch and wait. There is still time to get Khabib here before April 18, but right now, there does not seem to be a way to make that happen.

Guess we’ll see how the dice rolls from the MMA gods.

As far as UFC 249? Seems like it might be best to change it to a straight air to TV event instead of pay-per-view. It would be really hard to top a matchup like Khabib vs Ferguson.

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