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Conspiracies With UFC Vet Robert “The Saint” Emerson

This week on the Pure EVil MMA Podcast I was joined by one of my favorite fighters to interview over the last five years, Robert Emerson.

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Most of you out there may be familiar with Robert Emerson from one of the most unforgettable seasons of “The Ultimate Fighter”. On that season we saw Emerson team up alongside his longtime friend and legend, BJ Penn. What made this season of “T.U.F” stand out to many of us at the time was an introduction to some of the most well known names to date inside the MMA scene like :

  • Nate Diaz
  • Joe Lauzon
  • Gray Maynard
  • Manny Gamburyan
  • Cole Miller
  • Gabe Ruediger
  • Andy Wang
  • and who can forget the most entertaining and edgy fighters we had ever seen at the time….. the late great Corey Hill!

Many of these fighters from season five have had extremely successful careers inside and out of the cage. However one of the most significant turn arounds in my opinion has to be Robert “The Saint” Emerson.

It was obvious to many viewers during this season that Emerson had a great personality and got along well with most of the cast and wasn’t afraid to show us all that he had an externally big heart. However on the other hand he would constantly find himself in situations he honestly did not intend. A perfect example of this was the infamous “Team Pulver Sucks” drawing on the wall inside the house that resulted in Nate Diaz going absolutely insane over even after Emerson admittedly came forward telling everyone that he was the one who made the drawing.

So Now Fast forward over a decade later since the airing of season five and it’s obvious that many things have changed for the cast members but Robert Emerson has become one of the most interesting veterans in the scene!

Now before you fly off the handle on me and bring up all the other successful fighters from that season just hear me out….

Now I’m not even talking about how he was the first double champion inside Victory FC or how he’s been training alongside some of the legends like BJ Penn and Cris Cyborg. I’m talking about his ever growing interests and knowledge about “Conspiracy Theories” and making sense of documented historic events that we did not learn in school.

I sat down with “The Saint” Robert Emerson in what turned into a 90 minute phone call to pick apart his brain and see if I could possibly get him to open up for everyone and feel comfortable enough to share his deep knowledge about some of his interest in meditation and the pineal gland aka your third eye.

What I got in return tho was one of the most unforgettable and interesting conversations Iv ever had on the podcast!

To start things off with a bang Emerson wastes no time as he paints a picture for us about a very personal moment that happened to him at a young age where he was actually able to “cure” his Tourette’s syndrome.

Now obviously everyone who just read that must be scratching their head right now saying that this would be impossible right? Well Rob continues on to discuss exactly how this happened to him and why.

Emerson then goes on to open up about another more recent and very scary situation that occurred at former UFC Champion BJ Penns house that almost resulted in a call to 911!!!!

The other topics that Emerson touches on in this podcast was something I’ll never forget! For anyone out there who has interests in conspiracies that hold documented facts to back them up, then this one is for you!

Without giving much away here are some of the other topics Emerson opens up about on the program and goes on to back EVERY SINGLE ONE UP with DOCUMENTED FACTS!

  • Hollow Earth Theory
  • The Emerald Tablets
  • The Church connections to Pineal Gland that’s symbolized by a pinecone
  • Tesla Cracking The Code of Time Travel
  • The Philadelphia Experiment
  • Time Travel and The Trumps
  • Secrete Societies And What they may be hiding
  • Sutekh and the secrets of the universe
  • Freemasons
  • Meditation and finding peace wishing ones self!


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