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“Reliving Invicta FC” On Rays Omoplata Soup (Ep.40)


Welcome back to the Pure EVil MMA Podcasting Network! This week on Rays Omoplata Soup, Ray is flying solo after coming out of Invicta FC Phoenix Series 3 that went down on UFC Fight Pass.

In case you missed all the action we have you covered with all the results on our homepage but on today’s show Ray dives deep to relive all the action including running into former UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway!

⚫️ Today’s Topics Include:

• Being a fan of MMA in Kansas City, KANSAS.

• A reaction to witnessing Invicta FC attempting the first ever Real Time Open Scoring in history.

• An in-depth breakdown of each fight of the night INCLUDING one of the greatest INVICTA FC fights of all time!

👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 Rays Omoplata Soup Ep.40 (Click Here)

◾️ Here are some of our favorite photos from this past weekends event at Invicta FC Phoenix Series 3 and also ICYMI we have all the RESULTS listed below for you!

🔺 RESULTS (Click Here) 🔺

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