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Top 5 Hotties On UFC 248

Hello, Fight fans!

Today, here at Pure Evil MMA, we’re starting a new trend that will knock your pants off, or maybe your skirt depending on your personal preferred clothing preference. Shit, you could even be wearing a kilt for all we know. Kilts are hot– just sayin’.

Tonight, is the first edition of the Top 5 Hotties of the Card. Instead of the usual ring girls and only female fighters being ranked, we’re going to do something a little different. No, Pure Evil MMA is completely equal opportunity. We’re only ranking the top 5 fighters of each upcoming fight card. That’s right — guys are going to be ranked too. Hee hee hee.

So, here we go!

5)Danaa Batgerel

With a record of 7-2-0, it’s still early in his career, but we’re not talking about fighting performance on this list. No, Batgerel’s appearance on our list is because of his charisma. Look at that face. Just look at it.

4) Rodolfo Viera

Currently having a record of 6-0-0, we already know he’s intense, but that stare. Reminds us a bit of Jason Statham.

3) Sean O’Malley

With a record of 10-0-0, he’s rising in the ranks of the UFC, but that is unimportant for this list. No, his tattoos and rock star vibe. That’s what lands him here. Be still our little black hearts.

2. Weili Zhang

With a record of 20-1-0, we know she’s one hell of a fighter, but with those model good looks, she can’t not make this list.

💢AND The top spot is awarded to…..

1. Yoel Romero‼️

One of the top fighters in the UFC with a record of 13-4-0, we already know what a beast he is, but what gas him making this list? His abs, that’s what. Just Damn.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s list. Tune in next week with another installment.

What’s your top 5 list for UFC 248…? We want to know! Tweet us at @PureEVilMMA_ or on Instagram @PureEVilMMA_

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