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The Issue With Open Scoring

Tomorrow night the girls are back in action looking to go back home the winner of the Phoenix Series 3 Bantamweight Tournament. 

Of coarse everyone is going around making their picks or discussing the storylines behind this tournament but there is Something that isn’t being discussed….

Invicta FC is stepping up for a game changer that no other promotion has been willing to do let alone discuss. For the very first time in MMA history Invicta FC will be testing out the Open Scoring Format in real time. It seems every four weeks there is an on going issue from card to card throughout the sport.

It’s the judging!

Iv actually had this discussion with numerous fighters over the last five years on my podcast and there have been plenty of great ideas that fighters have suggested. From having judges sit in a private room away from the noise of distracting and sometimes encouraging fans or adding more judges. We can have 20 great ideas but the issue is finding a promotion that will actually test it out.

One of the most talked about changes promotions could try is having Real Time Open Scoring from round to round so fighters can adjust their game plan round by round.

So Could this finally be the turning point fighters and fans have been waiting for or is this actually an awful idea that may complicate more than just the way a fighter prepares and adjusts their fighting style?

This was widely discussed after GSP vs Johnny Hendricks for UFC 167 ended in a very controversial way resulting in outraged fans and fighters alike.

We will all just have to tune in and find out ourselves if it adds more action and incentive to finish a fight or will it be the opposite where a fighter knows they are up so they take the round off while the opponent must compromise their game plan and style all together.

Another thing is the safety of the judges in between each round as they give their score they also may have to worry about angry fans harming them like we all saw in Mexico City last year! Here’s a clip of Brenden Fitzgerald taking cover under his commentary booth as thousands of angry fans hurl all sorts of objects towards the cage!

Well I doubt that is going to happen at the Memorial Hall for Invicta FC but this can easily happen if a bigger promotion like the UFC or even Bellator decides to adopt the opening scoring system.

We all know that anything can happen in this sport so make sure to renew your UFC Fight Pass so you don’t miss this historic night in MMA! Make sure to follow both Ray and the Pure EVil MMA Twitter pages to stay up and engage with us during the event! It’s always a fun time!


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