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MMA Journalism Today

By, Shawn Porter

Mixed Martial Arts is a growing sport with millions of fans. From broadcast and traditional media to forums & MMA Twitter, coverage and talk of the sport is at an all time high.

Where does the overall standing of MMA journalism currently lie?

Credentialism exists within the sport. That’s when people will object to criticism by saying a journalist never fought or doesn’t train. It’s simply not a fair way to approach coverage of a sport.

In any other major sport we accept the opinions of those who didn’t necessarily play or coach in the sport they cover. Analytical minds from varied backgrounds can come up with important and interesting narratives.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone and their Mom who wants to do post-fight write ups and top ten lists should be considered legit.

What does it take to stand out from other MMA journalists and outlets?

Consumers of sports news just have too many options to be expected to sit through a holier-than-thou armchair fighter, a disorganized podcast or a typo and run-on-sentence laden article.

I’m not here to answer this question in a way that leaves anyone super satisfied. But the question should be on the minds of fans and journalists alike as we continue growing this sport together.

In order to circumnavigate the credentialism and produce quality work, one must hold true to the best journalistic practices of their selected medium. They must know and accept where their knowledge lies and lacks and be true to themselves. The fans will follow.

If your writing sucks or you’re bad at broadcasting AND have never fought or trained? Yeah, you’re not going to get far my friend.

Lay out your opinion and back it up with sources. Be professional when need be and be entertaining when able.

Sometimes, you have to start at the bottom and prove yourself. Just like your favorite fighters, there will be losses that you have to learn from. Sometimes you learn it’s just not for you and other times you learn you have to keep working even harder.

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