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USADA PUSHING OPIATES Elias Theodorou A HERO For Medical Marijuana In MMA (BEST OF Pure EVil MMA)

The True Face…. And Hair Of A HERO!!!!

A historic week for MMA fighters around the world as ELIAS THEODOROU Red Rovers the WALL of the uneducated Medical Marijuana haters inside the MMA World who have been pushing fighters to take OPIATES instead!

THEODOROU came on our program back in December of 2018 before his fight vs Anders to discuss the sad and backward truths of being a fighter who must sit year after year watching doctors peddle very addictive drugs. These actions do nothing but create a living hell in the innocent victims who trust the advice of their doctors only to be blindsided as they begin forming an awful life deteriorating addiction that we have seen take ahold happen on countless athletes across the planet.

Addiction effects more than the patient but the entire family and everyone around them as these doctors push EVERYONE to take very dangerous narcotics like Vicodin.

The issue here is if these fighters would rather use THC over the opiate they will receive an insanely severe punishment just for picking the safer and natural alternative!

How does this make sense?


IT REALLY DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE WHAT SO EVER! Let’s just look at this horrifying Opiate overdose chart that we have posted below!

Marijuana has ZERO documented cases of overdoses or death and when being compared to opiates that have been responsible for hundreds of deaths a week and thousands a months just in America it really makes you wonder why medical Marijuana is still being frowned upon in 2020!

So now think about how it makes sense for them to punish Nick Diaz for 5 years for using THC or releasing a fighter from his main source if income inside the UFC JUST FOR USING Marijuana like we saw back in 2013 with Matthew Riddle.

it seems very cruel and unusual to me! I see a strange agenda going on here and so do many others so its amazing to see someone like Elias hit the front lines and push against the grain to educate anyone who is under the brainwashed waving hands of our ancestors who made actually made Marijuana illegal for sad and racist reasons…

Dont believe me? Well as Eddie Bravo would say “Look Into It”!

Tune in below and Hear Elias discuss this dangerous and backwards reality and smile at the thought of how ELIAS THEODOROU has changed the game since this interview becoming the first fighter to break down that wall!

Again thank you for putting your name on the line to fight for the right to use THC for medical purposes and making history!


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