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The Dumbest Crap Ever Said in MMA Interviews

By Danielle DeVor

I think we’re all tired of the rain and bad weather here in the US, so this is the perfect time for a funny as hell article. So, that makes it the perfect time to revisit some of the dumb ass things fighters, organizers, and commentators have said in interviews.

So, this gem of a comment was in an interview with Dana White about the Ultimate Fighter TV show. White said to the interviewer, “This is the Ultimate Fighter. We don’t vote guys off, we beat them off.”


I’m sure White regrets that one.

GSP had some gems back before he retired. My favorite is this gem. St. Pierre said in an interview, “I knew he was hurt when I hit him in the nose and he went AHHHHH…”

Wanderlei Silva wasn’t immune to the bad comment bug either. He once said regarding Chuck Liddell, “I want to fuck… I want to fight, with Chuck.”

Ken and Frank Shamrock are known for some doozies. I’m not going to go into all of them here, but this one kind of sums up the type of thing you’ll find when searching for epic Shamrock quotes. Ken once said, “You got kicked. By a kick.”

Not to be outdone by potentially embarrassing comments, GSP let this one fly in an interview, ““I’ve got fresh guys coming on me every five minutes.” Granted, French is his first language, but that one just goes to show how it’s a good idea to know the slang of a country you are in.

Rampage Jackson was bit by the dumb comment fairy a time or two. But this one literally makes me facepalm. “Well, I’m 22 right now, so in three years I see myself being 25.”

Event commentators aren’t immune to the bad comment bug. Mike Goldberg once told this good one, “He wants to get in close to use that reach advantage.”

Hope you got a good chuckle. Let us know if you can think of any other epic hilarious comments.

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