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“Fighting With Addiction In MMA” – The Monica Franco Story

This past weekend Hawaii’s real life inspiration for young woman battling addiction, Monica Franco joined us on the Pure EVil MMA podcast to paint the picture of what many would consider a TRUE LIFE ROCKY STORY!

Franco first came on the program about five years ago and the idea of making the walk to the Invicta FC cage was just a dream that within arms reach but what we were not aware of at the time was how for many with in arms reach can quickly turn into an “Uncle RICO” story of the good old days.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and blow opportunities that we’ve worked so hard to be given the chance to prove ourselves worthy of our chance to showcase our talents.

It could be a mental thing it could be life throwing road blocks like responsibilities that make us fall back into a safety net but in Monica’s case it was the red faced demon of addiction that she would have to grapple if she ever wanted her Rocky moment to become a reality!

Well fast forward five long years filled with “One Day At A Time” mentally and the proof was in the pudding!

Here is our special moment where we celebrate her success and hear what we had missed with everything she had to face and overcome to make it to the cage and have her time to shine in front of thousands of people watching on UFC FIGHT PASS as she took home another VICTORY WIN for her Hawaiian 🌺 supporters! Hear what happened in the moment when everything hit her as she realized that for once in her life she could reflect on what she has gone threw and look in the mirror and say that she was actually proud of herself and what she had been able to capture after dreaming, chasing and NEVER GIVING UP even when times got hard and her body couldn’t handle anymore!

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