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Fighters Who Survived Drug Addiction (Part 1)

What is it about mixed martial arts that brings so many fans together at the edge of their seats year after year that differs from most sports out there today?

In my opinion it’s the relatability that we see These fighters go through inside and out of the cage leading up to any card from the prelims up to the Main event.

Sports as a whole have brought people together for many years because it such a healthy outlet for us to find an escape or an attachment to feel like we belong but what brings a lot of the fans in mixed martial arts to really support and get behind a fighter is that fighters story and what he or she may have been through in their past or what their currently going through currently and one of the most inspirational things I personally have a weak spot for is learning when a fighter has overcome an addiction.

So let’s share some of those stories and the real idols behind them that have never submitted to the monster of addiction!

In this 5 part series we will be looking at some of the most inspirational stories in mixed martial arts of fighters who have gone through and have now overcome the battle of addiction that plagues millions of people around the planet.

Here are a list of fighters who have stepped inside the cage of addiction and still fight to be an inspiration as they show the people that are still suffering out there right this second that it’s NEVER to late and you can do it, that life will always be a battle but tomorrow’s a new day and a new fight so just keep pushing because life is amazing and worth living!

So here is our list of the top five most inspirational fighters we have overcome the disease of addiction.

▪️ Kyle Bochniak ▪️

Our very first fighter of this five part series is someone who in my eyes is an inspirational fighter who’s energy paints the perfect picture of how it feels when someone in recovery REDISCOVERS PURE HAPPINESS of somthing they once loved for but had lost touch with and was swallowed whole somewhere along the unforgiving swamps of addiction.

If you took one look at former UFC fighter Kyle Bochniak you wouldn’t have the slightest idea that he actually had his biggest fight of his life outside the cage against his own personal demons with drug addiction before being able to blossom into one of the most entertaining fighters we’ve seen in recent years!

Kyle actually came on our podcast back in 2017 and right off the rip it was very apparent that he was just your everyday twenty something year old guy next door who was out here to make the most of what life had to offer him just like everyone else. One of the most interesting lessons I took from his interviews over the years was how he always would discuss how he had learned it takes more than just wanting something to actually make it happen.

🤜🏽 That short sentence right there is actually one of the longest ongoing struggles within all addicts❕❗️❕

We get to the point where the fun and games turn you into the main attraction of the freak show that draws a line in the sands of reality between you and the rest of society. We can see that our lives would be so much better if we could just stop using.

We become ashamed of who we have become and WANT to change and most of us even know HOW to make that happen but even tho we WANT to change we don’t MAKE IT HAPPEN and are afraid of the process that comes along with it.

When you watch Kyle fight on any given night or on any replay of his previous bouts there is always one clear thing that stands out to everyone watching. It’s the energy he gives off that shines from deep inside his soul that emulates his pace, expressions and vibe he gives off that just screams “I LOVE THIS” and you can just see how he cherishes every single moment he has under those lights because he put in the work and had to overcome so many personal demons to make it there and at the end of the day that’s what makes not just this sport the best in the world but LIFE special!

Just Ask ANY recovering addict about what they have rediscovered about themselves and they will all say “the little things” because it’s honestly the little things that make life special that we so easily forget about and sadly take for granted almost every day.

It could be finding your love for music or actually being able to FEEL the music again or maybe reconnecting with your old friends who you lost touch with when you went down that dark path, hobbies you lost interest in because your time was stolen from you by your driv to use or even just being able to go out and having the warmth of being financially stable enough to buy lunch or go on a date, what ever it may be it’s all a reflection of that refreshing nector of adolescent energy and purity that is being reflected within all of Kyles fighting style on any given night and is why he makes our list to kick off PART ONE of Inspirational who beat or “ARE NOT SUBMITTING” to addiction here at

I really would highly suggest to anyone in recovery to check out KYLES true form of MIXED Martial ARTS inside the cage and just take in his “ART” that he performs when he is in the moment of his fights and see what we discussed here in today’s article.

Here is our interview with Kyle back in 2017 on the Pure EVil MMA Podcast:

Come back in a few days to catch part 2/5 of this series.

PS: remember to count your blessings!

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Owner Of Professional Broadcasting Graduate with 23 years of experience. Host Of the Multi Year Nominated Podcast “Pure EVil MMA” and lead singer of “THIS IS LIFE” Hardcore Band our of New Haven Connecticut.

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