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F*cked Up Moments in MMA

By Danielle DeVor

We aren’t doing a top ten list or anything for this one. We’re just going to have a discussion about some of the truly crazy things that have happened in and around the sport over the years.

The weirdest has to be when Conor McGregor attacked a bus. Like honestly, while there were injuries—Michael Chiesa had lacerations from the shattering glass. But, McGregor attacked a damn bus! Not a person, but a vehicle. That’s pretty epic.

Then, there was that time when Chael Sonnen showed up to a press conference for UFC on Fox 2 wearing a fake championship belt.

We can’t forget the time there was an epic lighting malfunction. Guess wardrobe malfunctions weren’t the rage anymore. But seriously, I remember watching this. UFC Fight Night 21 at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, NC. It seemed like it took forever for them to fix the lighting. It was pitch black in the arena.

Lyoto Machida admitted to engaging in “Urine Therapy” to prepare for fights. There’s no scientific evidence that urine will do anything to help your body—including getting rid of foot fungus. (That myth seems to get passed around a good bit.) The truth is, there is scientific evidence that doing this introduces toxins and bad bacteria into your bloodstream. Not good.

There was that time James Chaney spit out his mouthpiece and tried biting his way out of a submission on season 16 of The Ultimate Fighter. Human mouths are proven to carry the most harmful bacteria. Not cool.

That’s not the only time there was oddness on the set of The Ultimate Fighter. This was during Season 6. Matt Hughes forced a bible study on the fighters on his team. I don’t know if any of the fighters he had at the time were not Christian, but forcing your religion on someone else is not acceptable.

This was a smattering of events that we felt were, at the very least, entertaining. I’m not even going to say nothing can top it—never say never.

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