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MMA By The States: Nevada

Nevada is home to what we call the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas. Vegas has many different MMA gyms and It has raised some of the greatest fighters to ever step in the cage. Today we will take a deeper look into the heritage of MMA in the state of Nevada.

Fighters Born In Nevada

Being the fight capital of the world, fighters from all over the world find themselves moving to Vegas to push their career. Only a select few can say that they were born there. Three guys that stand out over the rest have to be Roy Nelson, Frank Mir, and Ryan Bader. All three men have had extended runs in the UFC and they all currently fight for Bellator MMA. Frank Mir would be considered the most notable as he is a former UFC champion and holds the record for most submissions in UFC heavyweight history.

Gyms In Nevada

Nevada is home to the UFC Performance Institute. A gym created by the UFC to help their fighters with nutrition and training. Other than the PI, the two most popular gyms in Nevada are Syndicate MMA and Xtreme Couture MMA. Both gyms having a rich history in the state of Nevada. Producing some of the best fighters in the game.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission

The Nevada state athletic commission has become a huge deal with MMA in the state of Nevada. They are very strict and have shown before that they stick by the book. For example, the UFC had to move an entire event from Vegas to California on just two days’ notice because of Jon Jones. When Jones came back from his tainted supplement suspension, the NSAC was not sure they could let him fight in Nevada. After reviewing the case, the NSAC told the UFC just two days before the fight that Jones would not be able to fight. This would essentially ruin the entire card as Jones was the main event.

The NSAC is also responsible for wasting the better part of Nick Diaz’s career. After a few failed drug tests for marijuana, the commission suspended Diaz for five years. The only reason it seemed a little harsh is because Diaz’s opponent, Anderson Silva also failed a drug test. Silva failed his test for a performance-enhancing drug. The big controversy came because the NSAC a five-year suspension for marijuana but only handed Silva a one-year suspension for his use of performance enhancers.



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