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Rays Omoplata Soup (Ep.26) W/ Brandon the Truth!!!

Ray kicks off a new season with Brandon the Truth @Brandon_Nocaute to talk the end of the year award picks!

For those of you who are not aware of who Brandon Nocaute is well he is actually one of the very well known and entertaining “MMA Die Hard” and Fighter on social media that has been engaging on Twitter for years. He has also been a huge support for the Pure EVil MMA brand since 2016 giving us shoutouts and engaging weekly in some of the top stories circling social media.

It’s very rare to come across anyone as real and open like Brandon so this podcast was a great way to start the year and is really going to add some refreshing flavor to your twitter feed once you give him a follow heading into 2020!

Also we share a laugh as we all witness an Epiphany from Ray during the show as he realizes that he detested basically everything that went down in 2019 inside the MMA Scene and innthe great words of the G.O.A.T GSP I guess Rays was “NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOUR PERFORMANCE”

Later in the show Brandon bring his JMMA expertise to front and presents honorable mentions to Rizin and ONE FC.

See which topics they agree on, and which they are at ends about!



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▪️Ray: @Darce_Smoke

▪️Brandon: @Brandon_Nocaute

▪️PureEVilMMA: @PureEVilMMA_

Make sure to follow the official accounts to stay up on all the latest content and MMA News including our yearly “END OF THE YEAR AWRD SHOW” next week!

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