EVil Eddie is back with PureEVilMMA.com Staff Member of the year, Donny Rockett just seconds after covering PFL and watching the Ball drop in Time Square.

They guys relive all the best moments of 2019 and highlight the weekends most memorable moments between BELLATOR/ RIZIN + PFL. But first they head back in time and reflect on where they were during the year 2000 ball drop and the “END OF THE WORLD” Y2K bug that shook up the entire planet but was most likely the work of rich and greedy businessmen who saw an opportunity to make some money.

Get ready to hang off the edge of your seat because a preview of whats to come in the first quarter of 2020 starting with an in-depth look inside UFC 246 Conor McGregor vs Cowboy is going to kick your fight night mindset into goth gear!

Comment below and tell us what was your favorite moment of 2019 and get ready for next weeks shkw where we’ll be discussing the TOP K





Most Improved

And Best Walkout, On our yearly end of the year award show!!!

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