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The Famous Chuck Zito Vs Henry “The Rat” Hill VLOG!!!

EVil Eddie and Uncle Chicky travel out to Mass for a sit down alongside former Hell’s Angels New York Chapter President, Actor and Body Guard of the Stars, Chuck Zito. You will even hear some legendary stories from over the years that have NEVER BEEN HEARD BEFORE!

In case your not familiar who Chuck Zito is…

well for starters he is the ex boyfriend and bodyguard of former Baywatch Star Pamela Anderson and stared on the most viewed season of Sons Of Anarchy in season 5. Zito is also very close friends with Sylvester Stallone and travels to tons of UFC Events with one another. In fact Zito shares how he was at the very first UFC event out in Denver Colorado long before becoming the multi billion dollar promotion it is today!

Zito is a huge fan of MMA and tries to attend as many big events as possible. He actually has some experience himself as a young man growing up inside some of the boxing rings of New York. You may have even recently seen him on your television ringside at the last Colby Covington vs Robbie Lawler event on ESPN+ back in August shaking hands with his old time friend and now Ruler Of The Free World, President Donald Trump.

So now sit back and Take a trip with EVil Eddie in this action packed VLOG for one hell of an adventure while hearing some classic never heard before stories as Chuck Zito opens up about his famous standoff as partially heard on Howard Stern years ago with former Mobster turned RAT FBI informant and Real Life Main Character Of The Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Goodfellas, Henry Hill & SO MUCH MORE!

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Owner Of Professional Broadcasting Graduate with 23 years of experience. Host Of the Multi Year Nominated Podcast “Pure EVil MMA” and lead singer of “THIS IS LIFE” Hardcore Band our of New Haven Connecticut.

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