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Holiday Traditions of the MMA World

By Danielle DeVor

This time of year, no matter if you celebrate Yule, Haunukkah, Saturnalia, Kawanzaa, Boxing Day, Omisoka, or Christmas you head is full of your family’s holiday traditions. There is food, celebrations with family and friends, and, most importantly, a feeling of good will and cheer.

None of this is different in the world of MMA. Fighters, coaches, and announcers have family, friends, and furry companions. No matter how a family is defined, there were so many representations. Last year, we were treated to some fun images on and around Christmas.

Last year, Gray Maynard celebrated with a very odd Santa Claus costume. Complete with felt beard no less. It will be interesting to see if he tops that.

Angela Hill dressed up as an adorable reindeer with boxing gloves.

Chris Wiedman, Dustin Poirier, James Wick, Marlon Chito Vera, Eddie Alvarez, and Will Brooks all celebrated with their families by wearing matching pajamas.

Dominick Cruz helped with a food drive.

Tim Kennedy dressed up as a jolly Christmas elf.

Jessica Eye dressed up her dogs for Christmas with Santa costumes and little hats.

My personal favorite was Angela Hill. I can’t get the image of her as a boxing reindeer out of my head. That took not only creativity but such a fun personality to pull it off and not look ridiculous. (I would have looked like a Wish app version of a hamster. LOL) So, kudos to her.

It will be interesting to see what visions we are graced with throughout the end of the year. It’s always nice to see how everyone has decorated and how many wonderful families there are. And the photos of the food. It isn’t the holidays without it. I keep hoping someone will make MMA glove shaped sugar cookies. Maybe this year, I’ll get my wish.



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