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UFC Boldly Raises PPV Prices In 2020!!

Nope this isn’t click bait! You read that right!

The UFC just announced that they will be raising the prices of PPV starting with McGregor vs Cowboy!

Plenty of journalists and fans alike have all had the discussion diving deep into the PPV model failing in the last few years and how the UFC can possibly find a way around charging fans an absurd amount of money for PPV events amongst other streaming platforms like fight pass, ESPN+, Cable, DAZN and FloCombat.

Many bring up how WWE has cut ties with their PPV events and replaced them with a streaming package similar to fight pass where fans can watch all the classic events and huge upcoming events for a reasonable price.

It’s not cheap to be an MMA fan this day and age and it’s resulted in tons of fans finding illegal outlets to stream big events because paying $70 a month for a PPV just isn’t realistic to most fans. So what is the UFC expecting to happen once they inflate these prices for events that half the time don’t even hype fans to even watch illegally…

Some may say that the fighters make money off the PPV sales so fans should be supporting them in that way but what they don’t realize is how little those numbers actually are! The promotion has turned into a very greedy money machine that does not care about the fighters who keep the machine turning year after year. They have stripped away hundreds of thousands of dollars by signing with Reebok that pays 1/10 as much compared to the income they previously made for every fight with multiple sponsors. Fans excise was that it didn’t look professional but it’s ok for the octagon to be decked out like a NASCAR or for Bruce Buffer to scream “well keep the lights on for ya” as the fighters anxiously sit back waiting to fight. It just seems EVil and extremely greedy in so many ways and in so many different layers!

Iv discusses in many interviews with UFC athletes about new ideas for the PPV model to work and one idea most have agreed on is having the option to purchase just the Co and Main event for a set price that’s more affordable for fans who may not necessarily be interested in watching the entire main card for certain events.

We want to know how you all feel about the UFC inflating the PPV Prices and possible ideas for the promotion to work with fans and their fighters instead of against them! Every year it seems the UFChas stepped further and further away from what has got them to this point where they have been able to sellout to ESPN for 4 billion dollars.

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