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EP.254 | The Truth | UFC D.C Recap | Khabib April Fools + MORE!

December 10th

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA Podcast hosted by EVil Eddie and special co-host Donny Rockett ( @Drockett6969).

📍📓📍 (Side Note: Download for Audio Podcast in links below!)

🌍Todays Topics:

▪️ Relive UFC D.C and all the madness that we waited 3 weeks for! Between Overeem smiling like Jack Nicholson in Batman to Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell making history as the 2nd person ever to finish a fight via Twister.

▪️ Also another cruel trick from Khabib and Tony booking their fight for April…? Yep that’s NOT A JOKE the fights booked for APRIL!

▪️ Then a look back at the RISE & Fall Of The Notorious Conor McGregor, then vs Now!

▪️ Nick Diaz “Slashin and Dashin Video Chat with our good friend Slap For Cash (@SlapForCash) and how he has already started training and setting up a fight against Jorge Masvidal!


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Owner Of Professional Broadcasting Graduate with 23 years of experience. Host Of the Multi Year Nominated Podcast “Pure EVil MMA” and lead singer of “THIS IS LIFE” Hardcore Band our of New Haven Connecticut.

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