📆 December 2nd

By popular demand Pure EVil MMA is excited introduce you all to our latest brand expansion to our podcasting network here by bringing on other popular MMA Shows starting with Rays Omoplata Soup.

Ray will be brought on the network to add his own unique flavor to our platform by giving MMA fans a spoon full of the most popular news and drama going around the MMA Twitter scene and popular news everyone is going crazy over on social media.

On Today’s Show:

Kicking off December, Ray joins PureEVilMMA.com and is joined by owner Evil Eddie where they discuss the massive fights that were announced over thanksgiving break.


    The Attack Of The FAKE MMA Twitter Profiles
  • McGregor vs Cerrone / Is This the best fight for McGregor to return for at Welterweight?
  • Khabib vs Ferguson / The Bruce Buffer Spin Scare.
  • Joanna vs Zhang / Is the Bogey-Woman back?
  • (Podcast Link Below)
  • https://anchor.fm/raysomoplatasoup/episodes/Rays-Omoplata-Soup-Ep-19-Feat-Evil-Eddie-evil_ecco-e9ab8k

    Head back to PureEVilMMA.com for the latest MMA News, Results, Podcasts and Interviews with some of the most interesting fighters in the game!

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