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• The Official Timeline Of The Aniah Blanchard Case

Pure EVil MMA

Here is the entire devastating case of the Aniah Blanchard case from start to finish. Rest In Peace Aniah.

(November 27)

Donny Rockett (@drockett6969)

It’s Donny with coming to you with another update. My goal in this update is to bring everyone up to date as far as the three suspects charged in the Aniah Blanchard case.

On November 25th, as you all know, the Aniah Blanchard case unfortunately took a turn that all of us feared. Human remains believed to be Aniah’s were found in a wooded area in Macon County, Alabama.

Three suspects in total have been arrested in the case. Ibraheem Yazeed, 29 of Montgomery, Alabama was the first suspect arrested. He was charged with 1st degree kidnapping and remains in custody and charges are likely to be upgraded against him since the remains of Aniah have been found. He has been ordered to stay in…

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