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Donny Rockett @drockett6969
November 27

It’s Donny with coming to you with another update. My goal in this update is to bring everyone up to date as far as the three suspects charged in the Aniah Blanchard case.

On November 25th, as you all know, the Aniah Blanchard case unfortunately took a turn that all of us feared. Human remains believed to be Aniah’s were found in a wooded area in Macon County, Alabama.

Three suspects in total have been arrested in the case. Ibraheem Yazeed, 29 of Montgomery, Alabama was the first suspect arrested. He was charged with 1st degree kidnapping and remains in custody and charges are likely to be upgraded against him since the remains of Aniah have been found. He has been ordered to stay in jail without bond.

The second suspect arrested on November 22nd was Antwon Fisher, 35 of Montgomery, Alabama. It is believed that Fisher aided Yazeed by providing transportation as well as disposing of evidence. Because of the gag order in place we do not know what evidence Fisher is accused of disposing. This is pure speculation on my part but I’m going to give you my opinion on this matter. Fisher went before a judge and was denied bond. Next thing you know, police get a tip of where Aniah’s body may be located and they find the remains. And guess who gets bond with no objection from the Prosecution? That’s right Antwon Fisher was released on $50,000 dollar bond. PureEVilMMA has also learned that back in 2005, Antwon Fisher was charged with capital murder and took a plea deal for felony murder. By the time of Aniah’s case, he had already finished serving the sentence for that murder conviction.

So let’s get this straight. Ibraheem Yazeed was released on bond in another pending case for 1st degree kidnapping and attempted murder. While out on bond, he commits this horrific crime against Aniah. Now one of his co-conspirators in this case involving Aniah has recieved bond after serving time for a murder conviction stemming from 2005. HAVE THESE ALABAMA AUTHORITIES LEARNED ANYTHING?

Lastly, we will talk about the third and final suspect arrested in this case. David Johnson Jr., 63 of Montgomery, Alabama was arrested and charged with hindering prosecution. When Yazeed (1st suspect arrested) was charged with 1st degree kidnapping, he was on the run for a short period of time and police found him in Florida a few miles from the Alabama border. David Johnson Jr.’s son David Johnson III admitted to police that he drove Ibraheem Yazeed to Florida knowing he was wanted. For whatever reason police didn’t charge Johnson III, however his father Johnson Jr., lied to police about his son’s involvement, so on November 25th the 63 year old was arrested. I have no clue why he was arrested but his son who drove Yazeed to Florida to help him evade capture wasn’t. David Johnson Jr. has since been released on $7500 dollar bond.

Police are saying they do not anticipate any further arrests and these are the latest updates I have for you now. My heart is broken for Walt Harris and Aniah’s entire family and they are in all of our thoughts here at PureEVilMMA. Keep it locked to as we will continue to have updates for you as they become available.

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