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•SECOND SUSPECT ARRESTED Linked In Aniah Blanchard Kidnapping!

By, Donny Rockett (@drockett6969)

•UPDATE on Aniah Blanchard Case: November 25th

This is Donny from coming to you with another update in the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard. UFC Heavyweight Contender, Walt Harris’ stepdaughter Aniah has now been missing for a little over a month. Unfortunately she still hasn’t been found. However, we have just found out a new development in the case.

On Friday, November 22nd, a second suspect in the case was identified and later arrested. Antwain Fisher, a 35 years old male was arrested an out into custody in Alabama by Auburn Police Force and The US Marshalls on charges of 1st degree kidnapping.

As of right now no one has any more information on how Fisher was involved in the kidnapping or how his name came up as a potential suspect because early on in the case the court had ordered that a “GAG ORDER” to be put in place as we previously discussed on the Pure Evil MMA Podcast last week. (You Can Listen In Here)

Weeks ago we also began hearing whispers that more arrests could be coming in this case as it appeared the initial suspect Ibraheem Yazeed, may have been aided in the kidnapping of Aniah because Yazeed was seen by a witness stuffing Aniah into her vehicle against her will. However, there was also witnesses claiming that Yazeed’s Lincoln was seen leaving the convenience store around the same time.

Right now it is pure speculation as to how this second suspect ties into the case but be sure to stay locked in to as we will bring you more information as it becomes available.

Owner of Pure EVil MMA, EVil Eddie just gave his opinion on the latest news concerning the latest arrest of the second suspect live on our Periscope channel:

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