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CRAZY DRAMA At Cage Warriors Weigh-Ins!!!

By, Mike Lynch:

The Backstory:

Yesterday at the Cage Warriors 111 weigh-Ins, Jo Jo Giannetti missed weight. Weighing in at 163.7 lbs for his Lightweight fight with Paddy Pimblett. Giannetti took the fight on nine days notice when Donavan Desmae fell out of the bout with injury.

25 lbs In 9 Days

Giannetti announced that when he got the call to take the fight he was 184 lbs. Witch means he cut over 20 lbs in nine days. He told Cage Warriors that he was in the sauna for an hour and no sweat came out of his body before the weigh-Ins.

100% Of His Show Money:

After he had missed weight, Giannetti offered Pimblett 100% of his show money just to take the fight. Pimblett refused stating “Giannetti missed weight on purpose to have an unfair advantage.” Pimblett says that because of the way Giannetti acted after he missed weight, along with his unwillingness to try to get back in the sauna and cut more weight shows that he tried to miss on purpose. Giannetti’s response was of course that he is not going to kill himself when no sweat came out of his body for an entire hour.

Catchweight Bout :

Since Pimblett was not willing to take Giannetti’s show money, it was then offered that they make the fight a catchweight fight. Both fighters would show up to the fight at 168 lbs the morning of the fight. Taking away the chance of a unfair advantage. Again Pimblett turned down this offer stating that he had done his job and showed up on weight.

Big Drama Show:

Pimblett later posted a video to his twitter account which shows Giannetti yelling at Pimblett to take the fight. It also shows a Cage Warriors rep telling Giannetti he needs to get back into the sauna. This was followed by Giannetti’s corner man telling said rep, “he’s not getting back in the sauna, either take the fight at 168 or tell us to go home.” The rep responded by saying, “go home.”

The BBQ Pit recapped the Cage Warriors drama last night. Along with a preview of Bellator London this Saturday and a look ahead at the future UFC schedule. Check it out at the link below.

UPDATE 4:00pm

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