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Worst “CAREER-ENDING” Injuries In MMA!

• By Danielle DeVor

While being a fighter is understood to be a dangerous sport, issues like traumatic brain injury can add to the health problems later in life as a result of competition. We’ve been learning a lot about C.T.E in the last few years and while we’ve seen legends like Muhammad Ali suffer from the endless headshots he took during his career there are also some injuries seen inside the cage that have also been tragic.

Fight fans easily forget the risks that these elite fighters face every single time they step inside the cage while we sit back on our couches analyzing every fight with our friends or on social media.

Here is a short list of the most BRUTAL and True Warriors who will never be able to fight again let alone walk in some cases.

Let this be a reminder to us what these athletes risk for our entertainment as they receive very little pay and deal with thousands of trolls online who belittle their accomplishments.

• Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos. Nothing like a flying knee to the forehead causing a fractured skull that left a visible dent. I’m sure Michael “Venom” Page never expected to deliver a knee that would cause such an extensive injury.

• Jeff Dunbar.

When Rudy Bahena managed to get Dunbar in a rear-naked choke, Dunbar tried a out-of-the-box move dropping himself forward onto the mat. Unfortunately, he slammed his head into the canvas and broke the c4 vertebrae in his neck leaving him paralyzed for life.

• Zach Kirk.

Another spinal downfall. After being caught in a standing guillotine choke, the fighter tried to counteract it by dropping to the mat and ended up landing head-first breaking his C5 vertebrae in his neck resulting in him being paralyzed from the neck down. He has gained some limited movement over time.

While detached retinas, knee dislocations, or a broken leg are horrific when seen visually, the above mentioned events were so memorable that they are still discussed years later. This is why the recent fight between Rose and Jessica Andrade was very controversial. The way Rose landed on her neck could have resulted in a much worse scenario and should be put into question of why that is considered a legal move.

Back in July of this year Claudia Gadelha mentioned in an interview with Helen Yee that the fight should have resulted in a DQ for Andrade due to the slam to the neck she used on Rose that ended the fight and how it should not be allowed in the future. (Skip to 4:48)

This is a wake up call to everyone that even though there are rules in place to prevent horrific life threatening injuries and refs, things do still happen and we should remember what these fighters risk and how life can change in a split second inside and outside of the cage. Count your blessings because you never know what tomorrow may bring!

What are some other injuries we left out? Comment below and let us know or engage on social media and let us know how you feel about Claudia’s statement!

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