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•NEW UPDATE• Aniah Blanchard Suspect Court Day Results!

Donny Rockett (@drockett6969)
• November 20 •

This is Donny from coming to you with another update in the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard. Aniah, the 19 year old, Step-Daughter of UFC Heavyweight Walt Harris went missing on October 23rd.

Ibraheem Yazeed, 29 of Montgomery, Alabama, was charged with 1st degree kidnapping in the Blanchard case and this morning at 9am his preliminary hearing commenced. Yazeed was seen entering the court room in his prison issued jumpsuit and while evidence was presented against him he sat for the 30 minute duration showing zero emotion at all according to courtroom observers.

One of the prosecutors for the state presented multiple pieces of evidence. He mentioned that DNA was found in Blanchard’s car that belongs to an unknown individual and there was a witness at the convenience store(as we know) who identified Yazeed, as the person seen stuffing Aniah into her vehicle against her will and fleeing the scene.

Prosecutors stated, “He(the witness)observed Yazeed forcing Blanchard into her vehicle and leaving with her.” Yazeed’s attorney questioned one of the detectives assigned to the case, Josh Mixon about the witness.

Mixon said the witness(who has yet to be identified) went into the convenience store around the same time as Yazeed and when leaving he saw Yazeed force Aniah into her vehicle against her will. Apparently the witness was staying at a nearby hotel and upon arriving he told his girlfriend about what he observed. According to testimony from Detective Mixon, the witness’ girlfriend said “it was none of his business and to stay out of it.” Mixon also mentioned that the witness felt terrible about not coming forward.

To close things out in regards to the DNA found in Aniah’s vehicle, Judge Russell Bush ordered Ibraheem Yazeed to submit to a DNA test and to remain incarcerated without bond.

As previously mentioned, Ibraheem Yazeed is not speaking at all, so please if you have ANY additional information please contact the Auburn Police Department at 1-334-501-3140. We will continue to give updates as they become available so make sure to come back to



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