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Jason Knight IN Brutal Bathroom Bar Fight!!

Jason Knight, set to appear at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship against Artem Lubov this coming Saturday has got himself in a bit of a bind. He’s encountered some fans who want prove he’s a tough guy outside the ring.

Caught on tape, the video shows two men backing Knight into a stall in a bathroom and Knight having to defend himself
This isn’t the first time a fighter has had to deal with this.

Melvin Guillard and BJ Penn both have had to deal with similar situations.

Recently EVil Eddie had on UFC Vet Melvin Guillard to discuss this exact issue that fighters have when going out in public after he was released from jail and on probation from this same situation. When asked if it were to happen again how would he handle it he replied “I’d do it again” Unfortunately this day this is happening a lot due to viral social media videos where people think they have a chance for their 15 minutes of fame if they do something insane like this but it boils down to the fighter who is frowned upon because “They should know better and have lethal hands” as we have heard for years now but is it really their fault…?

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