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TOP WORKOUT & Walkout Metal Albums

by Danielle DeVor

Here at Pure Evil MMA, we do things a little differently. That includes music we think that would make great walkout and workout music. We veer toward the alternative aesthetic, so these suggestions are by no means an exhaustive list.

Without further adieu, here’s our list of the top metal albums for workout and walkout music.

–Danzig – Danzig 2: Lucifage
With songs like “A Long Way Back From Hell” it has almost a perfect ambiance for coming back from.a loss.

–Him – Venus Doom
The song “Bleed Well” has a great kick-ass groove.

— In This Moment – Blood
The title track is a good angry song. Would be perfect as a walkout song.

–Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses
“Black No. 1” pokes fun at the goth subculture and it is full of Peter Steele’s tongue-in-cheek humor.

–Motionless in White –Creatures
The first track on the album, “Immaculate Misconception” begins with the lead singer screaming, “What the F**K!” There’s no song better for getting your heart pounding.

I elaborate more on both Type O Negative and Motionless in.White in the following video.

Feel free to add your favorite metal songs in the comments.

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