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*Nate Diaz JUST Retired via Instagram!!!

By Danielle DeVor


Diaz posted the above photo this morning. It really comes as no surprise after Dana White stated he wasn’t interested in a rematch between Diaz and Masvidal.

Masvidal is on a winning streak and deserves a top-notch opponent in his run for a belt.

Diaz has had his main interests in things other than fighting in the UFC for a long time, and after his last performance, despite your feelings about the stoppage, his scars from cuts open easily. Choosing retirement is probably a good choice.

Question is, will it stick this time? As I’ve discussed before, there is a distinct trend in MMA for fighters to retire, then come back. I’m not a fan of this practice. If you need a break, take a break, but only announce your retirement when you are sure you’re done.

What do you guys think? We all know how this usually plays out but if you have been a fan of the DIAz brothers for awhile now you will know that they don’t really enjoy fighting as much as you would think! Could this be a way for him to take on a one off in a boxing fight like he wanted a few years back or is this legit the last goodbye for Nate Diaz? Either way it’s been one hell of a career for Diaz stretching back all the way to season 5 of the Ultimate Fighter alongside Robert Emerson with Coaches BJ Penn and Jens Pulver!

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Check out the latest episode of Pure EVil MMA Where EVil Eddie and Donny Rockett relive the best moments from DIAz vs Masvidal and also the latest developments in the ongoing Aniah Blanchard case!

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