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Masvidal says McGregor’s Return Unlikely

By Danielle DeVor

After last night’s UFC 244 event was over with the stoppage win of Jorge Masvidal over Nate Diaz, Masvidal was asked if he thought he would be facing McGregor in the cage. Needless to say, Masvidal had a lot to say about that and if McGregor would even come back at all.

”Come back to what? What do you mean, like fighting in the cage? I dunno man,” Masvidal said at the post fight press conference as he munched pizza while answering questions. “That dude has been talking wild for what, a second? If he fights and gets a victory and wants this? And some of you motherf**kers are mean because you know what the f**k I’ll do to that little dude, bro. I’ll f**k that little guy up, man. He’s a f**king midget.”

Masvidal has a very important point. McGregor was most successful at Featherweight and hasn’t been able to mimic that knockout power at Lightweight. Masvidal is a solid 170 lb fighter. If McGregor can’t have power at Lightweight, it would be impossible at Welterweight.

McGregor knows it too. Instead of vying for a spot in Masvidal’s roster of possible future fights, instead this morning he complimented Dr. Greg Hsu on his work.

Who’s next for Masvidal? I personally would like to see Usman, but since rumor has it that Usman already turned down that fight, it will be interesting to see who turns up at the plate.

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