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Real Ghost Stories

By Danielle DeVor

While not MMA related perse, I did a Halloween special on my YouTube channel talking about real ghost stories that have happened to me and my family.

Both my mother and my father have had ghost experiences. My dad, as I’ve mentioned here before, is a character. So, to hear him tell his tales and the fact you can still hear the hint of fear in his voice tells of how creepy this was. He lived in a haunted house. There was a black panther in the basement with red eyes, a man wh would come in the front door and go sit in a chair, and a hand that would grab my grandmother from behind amongst other things.

My mother saw a ghost both the noght before and the night of the death of her grandmother.

So, growing up with those stories, it’s really no wonder I became fascinated by paranormal events.

To hear about these stories in more detail, you can watch the show here.

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