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Things You Don’t Know About Jason “Mayhem” Miller

By Danielle DeVor

So, now that Mr. Miller has been doing some interviews online, we here at Pure Evil MMA thought it might be fun to talk about some things that people might not know about Jason. The stuff that isn’t in the news. The stuff that makes him an entertaining person.

  1. He once invited people to his house for Thanksgiving using social media. Once people arrived, he admitted that he didn’t know how to cook a turkey.
  2. He likes to interview other people. Really. I hope he starts a new Youtube channel doing just that.
  3. His birthday is on Christmas Eve. I can imagine that as a kid, that kind of sucked. But now? I can see it as an excuse to have a really rocking Christmas Eve party.
  4. He loves the game, Call of Duty. He was once interviewed about it on a gaming channel.
  5. He loves animals. He’s had numerous pets from dogs to turtles over the years.
  6. He helps coach kids wrestling with the comedian, Adam Hunter.
  7. And finally—he loves his fans. He regularly talks to members of his Monkey Kalt on social media and beyond.

Granted, I’m biased. As a member of the Monkey Kalt, I have seen him reach out to fans. He has even let fans come to his house for a visit on their birthday. I don’t know another fighter that is that generous with their time, do you?

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