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UFC Rips Off BossLogic & Ian Parker?

In case your late to the party there has been huge controversy going down on twitter right now under Damon Martins (@damonmartin) thread calling out the UFC for clearly ripping off the emblematic BossLogic (@bosslogic) Grand Theft Auto Design.

I personally agree with Damon Martin that it’s wrong for the promotion to take his work that was suggested by Reddit Fans and is now taking credit for this idea by using it in the latest build up for UFC 244 Nate Diaz (@natediaz209) vs Jorge Masvidal (@gamebredfighter) going down on November 2nd!

Some fans are saying it can’t be a rip off when BossLogic is already ripping off the Rockstar/ Grand Theft Auto artist Stephen Bliss ( @stephen_bliss ) but anyone who’s apart of this scene already knows that this mix of ideas has been somewhat of a staple in the last few Years when BossLogic first released the design awhile back (I believe it was of Tony Ferguson if I remember correctly).

The UFC also has a pretty amazing design already with a mix up of the “Parental Advisory” design you would see on an old Eminem Album to warn listeners of explicit lyrics.

Halfway threw this thread I noticed one of my friends, Ian Parker ( @parkercagehero ) who is most well known for his Marvelous comic book style fight posters, mention how the UFC ripped off his design ideas after meeting with them on two separate occasions!

The UFC should be hiring these brilliant artists who deliver a much needed flavor to the usual copy and paste humdrum fight posters, instead of taking their ideas and running to the bank with them but as Nate Diaz would say,


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    • Your wright I’ll stop 😂 yikes. I didn’t know it bothered you so much. I hope your joking….. we’ve always been friendly over the years since before you made it to the UFC and always supported you…. so I’m guessing ykjr just playing around especially since you wrote “right” and the. Called me a moron


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