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UFC Employee Throws Beer Carla Esparza

This past Saturday night the UFC went down to Mexico City where the crowd was out of control throughout the entire night however there’s a difference between the SO CALLED “FANS” and actual UFC employees engaging in these actions.

First brought to my attention by Carla Esparza’s Security Team who posted this photo calling out the man responsible!

Shortly after this Instagram photo was posted it was immediately taken down just hours later for unknown reasons but hopefully because the promotion is now looking into this accusation. It takes a lot of courage For one of the HEAD UFC SECURITY guys to call this man out so I don’t believe there’s any reason to doubt Elliot (Carla’s UFC Security) here.

Wait it gets WORSE….

Ok you maybe wondering how this can get any worse right? Well Not only did this UFC Gym employee target and assault a fighter by throwing his entire beer but the UFC fighters themselves also engaged in this unprofessional behavior as seen on Brian Ortega’s Instagram that same night!

Brian Ortega and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez began hyping the crowd to call Jeremy Stephens very disrespectful names and pointing at Stephen’s while he was trying to recover from the eye poke that was suffered just 15 seconds into the fight. (Watch Clip in Video below)

Fans became so hype that they began throwing glass bottles and food inside the octagon and aiming for the UFC Commentary booth as well. Brendan Fitzgerald even had to hide under his booth in fear of being hit all while continuing his broadcast commentary.

How should the UFC go about this situation with the UFC Gym Employee throwing his beer all over Carla and should the UFC travel back to Mexico City after the fans behaviors this past weekend?

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