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Alvarez Discusses UFC “Crap” Myth

By Danielle DeVor

So, Eddie Alvarez’s latest fight on August 2, 2019 with One Championship resulted in a win with a magnificent submission of Eduard Folayang. Yesterday, he spoke to MMA Fighting about how he is tired of the myth that only the best fighters are in the UFC.

True fight fans already know this is true, but it doesn’t hurt to bring up the discussion multiple times until it sticks to the proverbial fly paper on the wall.

“That whole theory is crap that everybody who’s the best is a UFC guy,” Alvarez said in the interview.

Alvarez was already known as one of the top lightweights in the world when he came over to the UFC in 2014. While his record there was not perfect, he did win the belt from Raphael Dos Anjos.

Some might argue that Alvarez is washed up because he is no longer in the UFC. You can’t be a washed-up fighter if you are still winning fights. The UFC being the most well-known promotion does not mean it is the best promotion, it just means that it’s the biggest.

While right now, Alvarez is singing the praises of One Championship, citing the promotion as having some of the best fighters in the world, most of these fighters are unknown to American audiences. That’s by design. The UFC has a monopoly on the public opinion of MMA in the US. When some people have been heard to say, “Oh, you fight UFC,” not even realizing that the sport is MMA and UFC is a promotion, there is a distinct problem. Until other fights are more accessible to the world at large, UFC will remain king.

Alvarez is not wrong. Justin Gaethje was part of WSOF before joining the UFC. Many other fighters before that were from other larger promotions such as Strikeforce, Bellator, and Invicta. The UFC, of course, colors their promotion to make it look like they are and will always be the best. But with fighters like Josh Koscheck, Fedor Emelianenko, and George St. Pierre publicly talking about the UFC treating their fighters like slaves, and Dustin Poirier including that statement in his retirement video (Evil Eddie recently wrote an article about that here.), you have to wonder when enough is enough.

So, is Eddie right? Are the fighters in One Championship better strikers than the fighters in the UFC? Guess we better start watching to find out.





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