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Entitlement Mentality in MMA

By Danielle DeVor

Entitlement mentality is something strongly on my mind this week. A friend of mine and I even did a video about it on our YouTube channel. But, drinking my morning cup of caffeine this morning got me thinking about how it has even invaded the sport we all know and love.

For many years, various sports have almost fed this phenomenon. I think of football players and basketball players allowed to get away with literally anything. Scandals regarding various players exposed for raping many women around the country (Ben Rothlisberger) to Any Highschool Athelete being passed and given false grades just because they are on “the team”. If that isn’t entitlement, I don’t know what is.

Now, we see it in the double standard between certain fighters allowed to do pretty much anything without being dropped from the promotion (Conor MacGregor) and others dropped for so-called boring fights even though they have been on a win streak. We’ve all heard these stories in recent years.

So, what to do about it? Well, most of all, keep bringing up the topic. Don’t let it slide when you see it. The minute you start having the have-alls and the have-nots in any group of people, a rebellion occurs. MMA is too young of a sport to survive that. So, we have to try to stop it before it causes more damage. So, if you see entitlement, talk about it in person, talk about it on social media. That’s how we all can fight this insidiousness.

For general Entitlement Mentality stories:



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