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The Re-imagining of Nate Diaz

By Danielle DeVor

It’s taken me a couple days to process what happened Saturday night. Namely, the resurgence of Nate Diaz. Many people, including myself, thought Pettis would probably win. Why? Because it had been three years since Diaz had fought in the octagon.

Ring rust is always a thought. Training is not the same as a fight. Prior to this event, it was known that Diaz was running a CBD oil business. It was generally thought that we’d never see him in the cage again.

Then, the match was announced. I know I was excited for UFC 241. The Diaz brothers have always been known for entertainment both in and outside of the cage. No matter the outcome of the fight, it was sure to be entertaining.

Diaz did not disappoint. In fact, he showed the world at large that Nate Diaz still had the ability to fight, and fight well. His boxing was on point. His ground game was as solid as ever. We were entertained, pleasantly surprised, and given some hope about the nearer future of MMA.

I am looking forward to Nate Diaz’s next fight. He called out Jorge Masvidal. Here’s to hoping the UFC can make it happen.




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