Just two days ago former UFC Champion Cris Cyborg posted something on her instagram story that many AMERICANS viewed as EXTREMELY Racist with a photo of her at KFC eating chicken and captioned “This is for all my AFRICAN FRIENDS” leaving thousands of fans confused and very upset. However after i posted this on my twitter page i had multiple people from overseas say that her comment was only viewed as racist in america and not in the U.K.

Just a few hours after making this post On her Instagram story, Cris and her team were forced to explain exactly what she meant by this post and luckily it made a lot of sense and cleared everything up for the most part. Or did it….?

Unfortunately for some fans (especially Americans) it was still hard to believe that no one around her told her how disrespectful her photo really was. As many people know Cris’s long time boyfriend, Ray Elbe is usually the one in charge of her social media page and was most likely the one who set up her latest video with Dana White!

It was just horrible timing for Cris Cyborg considering the backlash that Dana White threw at her in the past week making a statement saying that the UFC is officially out of the CYBORG BUSINESS after she posted an outrageous edited video of her and Dana talking backstage about a rematch with current UFC Double Champion, Amanda Nunes where it made Dana White look like he was saying something he didn’t actually say due to the awful editing job from Cyborgs Team.

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What do you guys think of all this? Is this racist? Did Cris and her team really not know the american stereotype of Africans and chicken? Or was this an innocent mistake at the worst time possible?

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