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Bias in MMA

Cris Cyborg

By Danielle DeVor

As everyone who has followed MMA knows, it was a long time for female fighters to become respected. It started out as a spectacle with women like Svetlana Goundarenko pummeling much smaller opponents. While it’s important that these fights existed, they did not help women’s MMA be considered a serious part of the sport.

That brings me to today’s topic—the situation between Chris Cyborg and Dana White. Cyborg is not without troubling history with her past use of banned substances, but that is not the current issue. The current issue is that Cyborg has been released from the UFC after a win.

Dana White cited that Cyborg had been “a nightmare” to deal with, citing lies and arguments. Except other fighters have been a lot more difficult. Conor Mcgregor, anyone? In my head, attacking a bus and causing injury is a lot more troublesome than some lies that dealt with public promotion. Granted, Cyborg isn’t a huge name outside MMA as a whole, however I have trouble rectifying the release of someone after a win.

In the past, Dana White once stated that women would never be in the UFC. He wasn’t interested until Rhonda Rousey and the money-making machine entered the mix. Which you can’t fault him for that, but he clearly still has specific bias concerning the gender of fighters and the differences in how he treats them.




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