This week on Pure EVil MMA Podcast we are joined by (11-3) Leon Davis who is recently coming off a hectic fight night after his opponent was not allowed to compete due to showing up under the influence.

As soon as it was announced the fight was off fans and media members immediately jumped on social media and began cyber bullying Leon Davis opponent without getting the entire story! One so called media member even made an extremely insulting photo to poke fun and humiliate his opponent.

Davis tells us the reason behind his opponents actions was due to his father passing away just 4 hour prior to showing up at the venue! So now not only was his opponent dealing with the loss of his father but he was also being harassed and bullied by a very unprofessional media member who doesn’t even have proper credentials or schooling to be called a media member and so called fans.

It’s very unfortunate but you would think anyone who cast hate or negativity would make a public apology but there wasn’t. Hear the entire story on episode 241 in the links below!



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