Joe Giannetti Shot In Back By Ammo

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA with Host EVil Eddie! On this weeks program we are joined by TUF 27 finalist Joe Giannetti after a very controversial weekend due to his fight being called off last second and tells us that he was told it was because the owner of AMMO FIGHT League called into the Athletic Commission stating that Cage Titans stole their fight. However Joe tells us that he never signed any legal documents that tied him to this fight and doesn’t understand why anyone would go out of their way last second to do this to him. 

Also a recap of UFC Sacramento where EVil Eddie relives all the best moments between Fabers epic return after more than 2 years away from the octagon and another unfortunate controversial win for G.D.R in the main event. Will they match GDR against Amanda Nunes once again after 6 years since their first fight? Would that be a good opportunity for Amanda to promote herself as the fan favorite since the MMa fans feel some type a way about G.D.R being a bully and unfair fighter since fighting Holly? All this and more on the latest episode of Pure EVil MMA! (LINKS BELOW)



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