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Fighters Neck Stomped On At Mix Fight Championship

Just over a week ago former UFC and Ultimate Fighter Season 10 first pick for Team Rashad Evans, James McaSweeney, has his neck stomped on following an early call by the ref.Not only that but a riot broke out directly after this incident inside the cage.

Before any of this occurred his opponent was not present the entire fight week including media obligations, rules meeting and didn’t even show up for the weigh ins but did show up late on fight night. In case you are not aware, the UFC, Bellator, ONE nor PFL would ever allow this fight to continue if a fighter does not arrive at the weigh ins. James also shared how someone messaged him 2 weeks before the fight and was told by an Unanimous source that he had a reason to believe that McSweeneys opponent may not show up to the fight.

James said when he first saw his opponent for the first time was just hours before their fight backstage by the restrooms and was shoved by the opponent and then accused of wearing Vaseline. This caused a huge commotion backstage since McSweeney has never been busted for any failed tests or ever accused of cheating in his entire career stretching back 20 years!

If things couldn’t get any worse for James he then hears his name being called as he’s ready to make the walk to the ring but the wrong walk out song comes on and a very embarrassing one at that (I’m Coming Out I Want The World To Know!).

Things did in fact got much worse from there on out as McSweeney was then informed that his referee had only officiated in 2 actual MMA fights.

During the last 2 seconds of the round as McSweeney was intelligently defending himself the ref steps in and falls the fight off. His opponent who’s names I will leave out, screamed in James face and stomped on his neck while still laying on the canvas! This caused an all out riot inside the cage that eventually calmed down when the promoter told McSweeney they would have a rematch making this fight a no contest, but when the ref took both James and his opponent into the center of the ring the opponents hand was still raised and given the Title Belt!

The next morning the promoter took James out to discuss what happened the previous night and made a decision to have the replay looked at by the officials over at One championships and hours later it was noted that the referee in McSweeneys fight did make the wrong call with 2 seconds remaining as James was intelligently defending himself to end the round. There will now be a rematch going down December 7th,2019!

Hear the entire story and especially what happened after this moment on the latest episode of Gloves Off Podcast that’s actually hosted by UFC Veteran James McSweeney!



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