War Of The MMA Podcasts!!!

On this special Fourth Of July podcast, EVil Eddie tries to settle a beef with fellow podcaster “JUICE” of “Fighting With Myself” after an altercation occurred early this week between the two.

Also on today’s program you will get a rundown on the history of the MMA Twitter scene and what makes our community different when compared to baseball, basketball or football fans on social media.

Will they squash the beef or will this explode in Eddies face…? Tune and find out yourself!

iTunes: ‬https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pure-evil-mma/id1187194228#episodeGuid=PureEVilMMA.podbean.com%2F4th-of-july-special-war-of-podcasts-with-the-juice-f4c2539d68d7cbe96768f36d4a25c3c2

Podbean: https://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-tqf4p-b6cfc9

Follow on Social Media:

Twitter: @evil_ecco

Instagram: @PureEVilMMA_

Facebook: @PureEVilMMAs


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