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Does Ngannou Get A Title Shot Next?

In The last two years the MMA scene has been gifted with a refreshing new story lines inside the Heavyweight division with new faces and match-ups that was long overdue after seeing the same old contenders for years grow stale and uneventful.

This past Saturday we saw two top 5 Heavyweights go toe to toe in what was anticipated to be one of the best fights of the year inside the division between Francis Ngannou and former UFC Heavyweight Champion J.D.S.

However it was very clear that the former UFC HW Champion, JDS wasn’t going to give any respect to Francis on the feet inside the first round.

Looking back at some of Francis’s older fights you would think that JDS would have taken a much different approach in the first five mins with using his speed and faints to frustrate and ware his opponent down. If you look at the game plan Stipe Miocic took in their Championship fight you would think that JDS would try to follow that blueprint, however he did the exact opposite and underestimated the power of Ngannou resulting in a first round TKO finish.

Moving forward there are a lot of people who are wondering what would happen if the current HW Champion D.C took on Ngannou next but first the champ has a fight already booked against Stipe. So the question is, will Dana White consider giving Ngannou another shot at the winner or will he offer another fight to Francis vs another top contender?

The issue is Francis has already demolished everyone inside the top 10 outside of Stipe and D.C, so is he ready to take on the winner or will they run back another rematch?

I must say that I was very impressed with how Ngannou has allowed his ego to fade and now is actually much more laid back, humbled and respectful after facing his first big loss against Stipe last year. We saw signs of this during fight week and especially during the weigh in show as Ngannou became very emotional and was even on the verge of tears when he showed respect to the fans and how much it meant to receive so much support to him and his opponent during the week leading up to their fight on Saturday.

The staff here at Pure EVil MMA want to know what the MMA scene really thinks will happen next inside the Heavyweight Division and if Francis is ready for another shot at the title? We even heard people flirting with the idea of a Jon Jones vs Ngannou fight, but that is just insane if you ask me.

Let us know what you personally think will happen next below or on one of our social media pages!

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