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MMA Anti-Gay Headline — WTH!

by Danielle DeVor

An article on another MMA news site stirred a bit of outrage from us at Pure Evil MMA, so I decided I would make a commentary. Being Pride month, rights for LBGTQ+ are on the forefront of news reports– as they should be. But, bad apples still exist, and it’s up to us as conscientious reporters to make a stance, so here goes.

This is not acceptable. This is not right and it’s just as derogatory as using the “N” word. LBGTQ+ people are murdered every day. Recently, there have been a number of transgender women murdered in Texas.

There is no place in MMA for discrimination based on race, religion, or sexual identity. These things have little if nothing to do with the sport as a whole.

Sure, we can talk about the gay bashing that went on in various organizations over the years, but things are improving. The UFC has a Pride T-shirt for 2019.

This is why the article above is so distressing. What business does this hate monger have reporting on the sport we know and love? None.

MMA is about the fight, the fighters, and entertainment. Having a respected MMA news site post an article with a headline like that gives the sport a black mark and the MMA reporting community an even worse depiction in the public sphere.

In honor of Pride month, here’s a list of known LBGTQ+ current and former fighters. Let’s cheer them on!

Liz Caromouche
Amanda Nunes
Nina Ansaroff
Marc Diakiese
Fallon Fox
Sharice Davids

If I’ve forgotten anyone, please comment below.





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