On today’s podcast EVil Eddie is joined by Sergio DASILVA to discuss all the headlines that surrounded the entire MMA community two years ago when he was accused of robbing a bank in queens. With help of John Gotti Jr he was able to get threw it day by day and was eventually found innocent. However you will not find a single article about his innocence, only coverage about his alleged actions he was arrested for.

Now in 2019 Sergio is back on his feet and cherishing every day. He shares what it was like going threw the darkest days and shares how it all started on today’s program. He also shares how he is best friends with UFC fighter Jared Gordon and the struggle he watched him face growing up and getting clean off opiates.

He also dives into the future of John Gotti 3rd and his career so far with what he would like to see him accomplish in the next two years.

iTunes : https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pure-evil-mma/id1187194228#episodeGuid=PureEVilMMA.podbean.com%2Fsergio-dasilva-inncent-of-bank-robbery-c5fb0f4b8b4309170c6b78d479df83c2


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