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When Celebrities Slam into Fight Sports

Fox Networks

By Danielle DeVor

So, when news broke this week that Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight in the Octagon, my first thought was, “Oh no.”  Then, when Conor McGregor stepped in and offered to play host, it sounded very familiar.

Way back in 2002, FOX networks had a grand idea. Let’s train celebrities as boxers and let them fight in a boxing ring to see what happens. This horrible idea was called by the boring nom-de-plume –Celebrity Boxing. It lasted a grand total of two episodes.

The fights for the two episodes sounded like a three-ring circus of entertainment has-beens. Names such as Tonya Harding, Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, and Dustin Diamond were featured. As could be expected, the fights were terrifically horrible. The show has the glorious standing of being on the list of TV Guide’s “50 Worst TV Shows of All Time” list.

With MMA still trying to make a distinctive reputation as a serious sport, having a farce of a fight is not the best idea. But, with organizations care about money over anything else, we really shouldn’t be surprised.

Now, how could this fight even be possible in the UFC. Well, with the current owners of Zuffa, William Morris Endeavor, being a conglomerate of entertainment personalities, desire for entertainment is likely higher than the though of keeping the sport a respected venue.

Hopefully, the fight does not come to fruition. If it does, MMA as a whole will have more rungs to climb on the latter of respectability.




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