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McGregor To Host Bieber Vs Tom Cruise Fight And Calls for Marc Wahlberg

Yes you read that right! McGregor wants to host Bieber vs Cruise!

Justin Bieber is back in the headlines with more drama but this time he’s calling out an almost 50 something year old Tom Cruise to fight him inside the UFC Octagon!

Recently Cruise posted a photo of Justin Bieber with a black and blue face with the caption “stop violence against woman” and with no hesitation Bieber responded asking to fight him in the UFC.

After Bieber and Tom Cruise started to beef, UFC Champion Conor McGregor was quick to join the action with a few tweets that took this beef to another level of “Cringe”.

Celebrities calling someone out to fight has sadly become more common over the years even if it’s just joking around but what some people don’t know is that this isn’t the first time the Biebs has called someone out! Was only a few years ago when he said he could beat up Nate Diaz after the win over Conor McGregor. It seems like a shot in the dark but sooner or later I wouldn’t be surprised if a promotion actually tries to push the envelope and sign a fight with him considering the money that would be made.

Last year Logan Paul shocked the world as he broke records and made millions of dollars with his PPV fight vs KSI even tho it was extremely cringe with ripping off MayMac leading up to the actual fight with the world tour they did. It shows that there are people who would love to watch celebrities fight hence the success with Brock and CM Punk trying their hand inside the UFC.

In fact celebrity boxing was a huge hit back in the early 2000’s but died out and was never attempted again but now with all the recent rappers and actors or even YouTube sensations causing drama and asking for fights it may just be the perfect time to turn back the clocks and put on a one time Celebrity MMA PPV event. I doubt the UFC would entertain this idea nor Bellator or PFL but like I said before, when there is money to be made, someone will invest.

I’m sure this drama will pass in the next day or two but let’s entertain the thought of these twonfighting for just a second and let us know who you think would win and how in the video comment section down below!

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